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A repair costs a small fraction of what it would cost to completely replace the windshield!

On average, replacing a windshield on a modern car or SUV will cost from $300 to $500, even more if it has an antenna, defroster or sensor built in to it.

Please review the DECO Windshield Repair Warranty for more information.

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Do you have a stone chip or crack (yes, we repair these too!) on your windshield?

If so, then stop at any of our 140 orange windshield repair kiosks across Canada and Save Your Windshield™!

DECO Repair offers a drive-up windshield repair and glass treatment service without the need for an appointment — saving you time, money and your windshield.

Your service receipt will be emailed directly to you from our Custom iPad application and your service history is always stored in our database by license plate number.

Repairs and treatments are completed in 15 minutes or less — our Site Operators will tell you all about it. Site Operators by the way, are all College and University students. Help us become Canada’s Top Student Employer.

I paid for insurance (comprehensive) coverage on my windshield. Can you direct bill my insurance company?

We deal with a vast number of the large insurance providers located throughout Canada. To ensure that the repair experience is convenient, we provide our customers with onsite insurance claim processing * and direct billing.

Once you have provided us with proof of your current insurance policy, we will contact the insurance company on site to start the claim process, complete the repair, and direct bill them from our head office. Each claim can vary so if you have any additional questions, please contact your insurance provider for more information.

The Chip Saver card: a business card with utility!

Place the clear sticker from the back of this Chip Saver card over the damage from the outside of your windshield. High five your neighbour, then call us to finish saving your windshield.

Be sure to ask for your Chip Saver card when you receive a service.

You can contact our head office for questions regarding our policies and procedures at 1-866-461-3326.

Thank you for trusting us with your windshield and please spread the word.