DECO Windshield Repair Lifetime Service Warranty

DECO Windshield Repair Warranty

DECO Windshield Repair is pleased to offer a re-repair, at no cost to the customer, for any repairs that were not preventative.

What's covered

All chip repairs up to and including the diameter of a "Toonie" are covered under our Lifetime Service Warranty. Crack Repairs or Crack Stop Repairs, however, are not.

Windshield Crack Repairs are something we are highly capable of but do not offer a guarantee on this service. This includes work done at all DECO Windshield Repair locations as well as mobile sites.

Why repairs may fail

There are many variables that a windshield may encounter before and after the service is completed, as windshields never stop expanding and contracting with heat and cold or flexing in wind and/or driving conditions. If a repaired chip or crack does not hold or prevent further damage to the windshield, it is likely a cause of one of these variables.

It is extremely rare, yet unavoidable, that a repair will sometimes not hold. This is not a technical error but an inescapable hazard involved in windshield repair.

Historically, failure rates are less than 0.003% of all repairs performed by DECO Windshield Repair.

What we'll do to fix it

DECO Windshield Repair will refund the entire amount of your invoice on all repairs that do not hold, resulting in a crackout or repair failure.

We refund to card used to make purchase, or by cheque if paid in cash. All cheques are drawn and sent out from our Calgary office.

How to use the warranty

In the unlikely event you need to take advantage of the warranty, simply forward your receipt by fax (1-866-354-7692), by email ([email protected]), or call our offices at (1-866-461-3326).

Be prepared to provide:

  • A return mailing address
  • Proof of purchase (in the form of an invoice)
  • Proof of failure (in the form of an on-site evaluation or detailed photograph)

Thank you for trusting us with the care of your windshield and keeping 25 lbs of glass out of your local landfill. We’d hate to hear you got another stone chip, but we’d love to have you come back and see us again.

DECO Windshield Repair has repaired over 1,000,000 chips across Canada since 2005.

Every repair is backed by our Lifetime Warranty.

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