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5 Homemade De-Icer Solutions For Your Car

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Anything you can do to help make the winter season more convenient is always nice, especially on those frigid mornings when the last thing you want to do is clear an icy windshield! Using a credit card or ice scraper isn’t the only way to clear ice and frost from your car’s windshield. We want to let you in on a few convenient solutions to battle jack frost – the arch nemesis of winter driving. Make sure to get regular check-ups by a European Car Mechanic, especially in winter to avoid your car from succumbing to the winter blizzard and make sure to not pour hot water even on the engine if you find that it has gone cold due to the weather. This is the part where you call a mechanic for professional assistance.

Here are 5 easy homemade solutions to help you de-ice your windshield! These solutions can be done right at home using common ingredients.

Getting Rid Of Ice

  1. For a very basic homemade window de-icer, combine one part water to two parts isopropyl alcohol (i.e. rubbing alcohol)!
  2. For a slightly better solution that gets better results, combine water, rubbing alcohol (about 50%) and just a few drops of liquid dish soap. After you spray this solution liberally onto your windshield, you will notice the ice will begin to break up within minutes of you spraying it on! Just carry it with you on your way out the door.

Preventing Ice Build-Up

  1. If you don’t have any rubbing alcohol handy, there’s another ingredient that works well. Vinegar can be used for a lot more than just cooking. It’s one of the very best cleaning agents, and most people have it sitting their kitchen right now. It makes one heck of a de-icing formula. All you need to do for this recipe is combine one part water to three parts vinegar. This formula helps prevent ice build-up, so to take advantage of this solution, spray it on all windshields and your side mirrors before nightfall.
  2. Clearing snow can be particularly frustrating for people who are height challenged. Another thing you can do to prevent ice from building up during the night is dissolve a tablespoon of salt in about one quart of water. Then take a large towel (big enough to cover the entire span of your windshield) and soak it in the water. Wring it out just enough to prevent dripping, and while still damp, place the towel onto your windshield using the wipers to hold it in place. Don’t worry about your car looking silly because it will be night time and by morning, you will get to sneer at everyone on their tippy toes trying to clear ice and frost while you scoot away problem free! Your towel can be reused the next night by keeping it in a plastic bag and adding a small amount of water to keep it damp.
  3. Don’t you hate it when your wiper lines freeze up? To help keep them free-flowing and in good working condition, pour some rubbing alcohol in your washer fluid reservoir. Knowing this little trick can save you from making a special trip to the store just to get proper windshield washer fluid.

There you have it. Remember safety first this Winter! Do not attempt to use hot water as a de-icer as it will likely crack your glass and would require extensive windshield repair.  If you have any other de-icer formulas that work for you, please share in the comments below.

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